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PASS DECODER is the certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 application that allows you to recover Snapchat passwords. Benefit from the full power of artificial intelligence to extract passwords associated with accounts, even if they are protected!

Take advantage of this simple hack! Imagine that every day thousands of users have their Snapchat accounts hacked.

Find a Snapchat password account
Here is an example of Snapchat
password that PASS DECODER extracted from a profile name.

You'll be amazed by the results, there is no limit of use! All you need is either the username or phone number or email address and PASS DECODER will decrypt the password associated with the account even if it is private.

Features of PASS DECODER
Features of PASS DECODER you can choose
to find passwords.

How does it work?How does it work?

With the assistance of artificial intelligence, PASS DECODER exploits security vulnerabilities in databases associated with Snapchat, allowing it to swiftly retrieve passwords linked to the targeted profile.

To understand how PASS DECODER operates, it's crucial to note that its advanced technology relies on a search analysis system equipped with a script algorithm for complex and optimized asymmetric cryptographic decryption supported by a neural network:

Find a password

  • The technology of deep learning has been developed using the training dataset to create intelligent systems specialized in password analysis.
  • Neural networks train to interpret and analyze data similarly to the human mind. Those utilized by PASS DECODER are designed to employ various properties and structures, generating samples of password deduction hypotheses.

Once a password sample is validated, PASS DECODER employs these probability formulas to deduce the complete password based on the neural network's distribution. Next, the password appears on your screen.

The sophisticated approach of PASS DECODER allows it to efficiently extract passwords from any account, taking advantage of openings that also enable it to bypass two-factor authentication (2FA) while not sending any notifications during the account login.

Warning WARNING: It is recommended to use this application only with an account that you are authorized to access. Read the rules, be aware.


To crack a SNAPCHAT password is possible as explained on this page and PASS DECODER can decrypt and display as many Snapchat passwords as you want. That's why it was developed!

To begin, please follow these 3 steps:



Click the "DOWNLOAD" button. PASS DECODER works on smartphones, computers and tablets.



The application starts. You will have to read the instructions and to enter either a nickname (login-ID) or a phone number or an email address and to click on the "OK" button.



PASS DECODER will exploit vulnerabilities related to databases of the user account IDs that you are looking for and will display the password on your screen. Be aware that this operation may take a few minutes. Then, it will automaticaly log in to the Snapchat account without sending any alerts related to double authentication.

Not sure about something? Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us or opt for the trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee! Indeed, we are so confident in the effectiveness of our application that we guarantee you will be able to recover all Snapchat accounts and passwords. Full refund if not satisfied or if it doesn't work.

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One off purchase / No subscription
Last update on 07.01.2024
Compatible with OS compatible
Unlimited access / Free update

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use PASS DECODER?

Anyone searching for a Snapchat password can use PASS DECODER, but please respect the laws of your country and only use the application on an account where you have permission to access.

How many Snapchat passwords can be found?

PASS DECODER offers unlimited retrieval of Snapchat passwords, without any restrictions.

How long does it take to get results?

Password recovery with PASS DECODER can take a few minutes. It depends on the databases. PASS DECODER is capable of retrieving passwords from all Snapchat accounts, whether they are private, personal, or professional.

Is the security of the retrieved passwords guaranteed?

Yes, PASS DECODER ensures total confidentiality of the retrieved passwords. No information is stored to preserve user security.

Can PASS DECODER be used anonymously?

Yes, PASS DECODER operates discreetly to avoid alerting Snapchat or the targeted account user. It doesn't emit any notifications and can be used anonymously, while complying with applicable laws.

Is PASS DECODER working in my country?

Absolutely, PASS DECODER is fully working in all countries, providing seamless service globally.

On which platforms is PASS DECODER compatible?

PASS DECODER works on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone smartphones, as well as on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, and Windows, Mac, and Android tablets. This allows you to access the application from a variety of devices.

Is there a trial period for PASS DECODER?

Yes, PASS DECODER offers a 30-day satisfaction or money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied or if it doesn't work, contact us and we will refund you immediately.

Does it require a monthly subscription to use?

No, PASS DECODER doesn't require a monthly subscription to use it. It's a one-time purchase.

How long does it take to receive after payment?

Download of PASS DECODER is available immediately after payment. There's no waiting to start using the application.

Is PASS DECODER safe and legit to use?

PASS DECODER is secure and meets ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards, ensuring its level of security and reliability.

Is it legal to use PASS DECODER?

Legality depends on your use of the application. Make sure to comply with the laws of your country and only use PASS DECODER on accounts where you have permission to access.

Unlock all Snapchat access

PASS DECODER is a small, easy-to-use application that everyone can use, even the most novice user will be able to extract Snapchat passwords quickly. This explains why more and more people are hacking SNAPCHAT accounts and why PASS DECODER is downloaded thousands of times a day.

Unlock Snapchat account

The security of Snapchat is not 100% secure, the possibility to hack a Snapchat account is a serious danger. By using this application, you will be able to regain access to your Snapchat account and this in a few minutes after it has been launched. However, please respect the laws of your country and use PASS DECODER only in an account that you are allowed to access.

Don't waste your time trying to find a Snapchat account password on your own. There is little chance that you will succeed... Start using PASS DECODER now! Start your trial and access all SNAPCHAT accounts in the next few minutes, if not we refund, 30-day money back guarantee.

What are the reasons for wanting to hack Snapchat passwords?

Snapchat has more than 300 million users in the world, it seems obvious that some of them want to hack users' passwords.

There are several reasons:

  • > Hackers want to access Snapchat's photos and videos to blackmail the victim and claim ransom.
  • > They want to spy on their boyfriend or girlfriend to test their loyalty.
  • > Hackers want to hack a lot of accounts in order to sell them on the DarkNet and make the most amount of money out of it.

There may be other reasons but these 3 examples are the main ones.

The problem is that everyone thinks they have good reasons to hack a Snapchat account because this social network is famous. Many users can not imagine for a moment that their account is in danger or that their colleague or neighbor is hacking passwords.

What do hackers do with Snapchat passwords?

Snapchat login's page

A few years ago, 4.6 million users were hacked and exposed on the Internet. The most incredible is that the source code of the application Snapchat application has itself already been hacked and leaked on the net! With its 500 million users monthly, Snapchat is the favorite target of hackers. One might well wonder why? The answer is simple, Snapchat is one of the easiest social networks to hack! Even his source code had been exposed on the Internet and all hackers can read it and understand how it works. All Snapchat accounts are in danger and the proof of this is that more and more people download PASS DECODER to recover passwords.

Security researchers have discovered a flaw in the passwords and it's been more than 20 years that it exists! Users are required to create a password with letters, numbers and special characters. But in fact this only weakens the account they are supposed to protect. The problem is that passwords such as "Passw0rd" or "pa55w0rd" are considered too fragile. Indeed, despite the fact that they look very complex, their composition makes them vulnerable to the tools that hackers use.

Chance meets chance, a password designed by at random by a computer with odd characters will be hacked more easily. Indeed, software and micro-processors are more and more powerful and they can hack a password in just minutes! Creating a password with a sentence is more difficult to hack since there are more characters. If we take for example "ilikeredcars", it will take almost 550 years for a hacker to crack this password.

Crack Snapchat passwords!

Some hackers have become millionaires by hacking passwords and reselling them on DarkWeb. Do not be fooled about the reasons for hacking. Even if piracy is often to test the fidelity of a spouse, hackers only hack for money. Their skills can be used for several types of hacks: computer security or computer nuisance.

These are called white hats and black hats. White hats hack corporate account passwords to determine their level of security. Black hats only hack passwords to earn as much money as possible. Their goal? To get rich as quickly as possible to the detriment of others. Businesses, governments and individuals are one and the same category of victims. To succeed in monetizing their piracy, they use more and more ransomware. Easy to set up and send, they are terrible once activated. Others even send social network account credentials to hackers to put pressure on ransom victims.

Others methods of hackers to hack Snapchat:

As long as the hackers will do anything to hack a Snapchat account, they will continue to implement schemes as complex as possible.

The time for trickery with phishing or with keyloggers is over. These methods are too simple and too well known by the billion of users, very few people are tricked these days!

Hackers have developed much more elaborate methods that we propose to discover together:

Method 1: With a phone number

SMS from snapchat
Hacking Snapchat Two-Factor Authentication

This method seems so improbable and yet it is devastating... More and more of you register your phone number on Snapchat to find your password if you have lost it. Just because Snapchat can send you a new one by SMS. This seems a good way but Snapchat has forgotten one main thing which doesn't seem to worry them too much. Indeed, if you leave your old number in the security settings of the account and you forget to change it, whoever retrieves it will be able to receive the security SMS that Snapchat will send him with the temporary password! He can then connect to the social network account. He can reset the password without the owner of the account noticing anything. He can become the new owner of the account.

Method 2: Hacking two-factor authentication

Snapchat Two-Factor authentification

Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA is not as secure as we might think. This extra protection needs your phone number to work. But if you change the number and the old number falls into the hands of an unscrupulous person, he can impersonate you and steal your Snapchat account.

The hackers will start by creating a phishing page (even if this technique is no longer relevant, it will always work if it is well done). They will reproduce identically a Snapchat login with personal information (surname, first name, nickname...). This will be send to the victim in order to put him in confidence. The hackers will have inserted an image trapped in the fraudulent email to know if the mail was opened or not.

From there, the hacking will begin. Indeed, from their server where the fake login page is, they will send to the user by SMS a confidential code to reset the Snapchat account password. The victim will not suspect anything and will write in the box provided for this purpose the code it has received and validate it. This terrible mistake will allow the hacker to recover this code and then have it validated on the real login page of the Snapchat website. The Snapchat account has been hacked without the user noticing.

Method 3: Social Engineering

Snapchat social hack

The art of manipulating people! This technique consists of posing as someone close to the person. The hacker will search the Internet for all available information about his victim before contacting him. Then he will share with him the same passions as him (football, swimming, cooking, manga...) in order to extract as much information as possible.

Without realizing it, the victim will reveal his personal data to him and give him precious indications. The hacker will be the only one able to exploit and thus guess the password of the Snapchat account. This hacking may take some time because the victim will not always let someone approach him and guessing a password can be quite difficult.

Once the hacker has collected a certain amount of information about the person, he just has to click on "Forgotten password". Then he answers the questions that the Snapchat recovery page asks as if he was the real user of the account.

Method 4: USB cable

Hack USB cable

A simple USB cable can recover all the information that a hacker needs to hack Snapchat. Indeed, the USB cable is equipped with a micro WiFi chip that is powered once it is plugged. It will act a bit like a keylogger but in another form. The USB cable collects and sends via WiFi the information entered by the user of the Snapchat account.

Method 5: Using cookies

Hack with cookies

Cookies are small text files that allow a website to remember the user who had already visited. This in order to put back everything he had already done (order, connection, basket...). With this small document, hackers can directly connect to a Snapchat account without going through any kind of identification. Indeed, this file contains enough data to be exploited! It allows the hacker to access the Snapchat profile without having to validate any username or password.


The list of Snapchat account hacking methods is really long but the most important ones have been listed above. It is better to avoid the advice of social networks that offer simple solutions because they are usually already exploited by hackers. The best advice we can give you is not to expose your life too much, to avoid connecting unknown devices to your equipment and to always be on the private navigation while on the Internet. If you realize too late that your Snapchat password has been, you will have to download PASS DECODER to recover it.

Protect your Snapchat account

How to secure your Snapchat account?

In the category of the most used social networks in the world, we can put in good position the Snapchat platform which closely follows Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. Because of its different features, today this social network is widely used by a lot of young people. However, this use is not well regulated and most of the time exposes these people who are only looking for online entertainment. Indeed, at each connection, a hacker is on the alert and is about to hack you. This is why we have to give you 5 ways to improve the security of your Snapchat account. Stay until the end because in addition to the 5 securing methods we will have a little bonus for you.

Step 1: Good password management


The password is the main login ID that you use to authenticate your identity. In other words, if the hacker intends to hack you, his primary objective will certainly be to find your username with the password. It is for this reason that you must give this information unfailing discipline. First of all concerning how you create it, it is recommended not to use personal information which can easily be guessed. For example, it is not recommended to use your last name or the name of a relative or a pet. The use of your date of birth or any other number in connection with your work your family or your hobbies is also excluded. Because cybercriminals know these habits and they can use them against you. Today, we ask you to form your password on the basis of a sentence. This makes it difficult for password cracking techniques and when the attack is too quick. In addition, it is also recommended not to use the same password on several online accounts. Indeed, data leaks are a reality and you do not know when information of this kind can escape the mistrust of any platform. Thus turning it against you. The last advice regarding passwords is to make it a habit to change these identifiers at regular intervals. In this way, if your old password is compromised, you will be protected from potential exploitation.

Step 2: Use the double authentication method


Regardless of the platform today, two-factor authentication is a must. It is therefore possible for you to activate it on your Snapchat account. The double authentication method allows you to verify your identity several times. A first time when you enter the password, a second time when you are asked to provide the confirmation code that you receive by email or text message. We also have the possibility of using an authentication application such as Microsoft authenticator or Google authenticator. No matter how you made up your password, you just have to be told that zero risk does not exist. An extra layer of security can only do you good so don't hesitate and activate it.

Step 3: Beware of phishing and social engineering


Whether it is phishing or social engineering, users of digital services are constantly exposed to its old practices which are still effective. You should know that hackers will always try to deceive you through messages that include links by inviting you to connect via these same corrupted links. Therefore, you must be very careful. Social engineering is no exception either. Indeed, it is not advisable to provide personal information about you to strangers. No matter how likable someone you're interacting with on social media is, be very restrictive about providing them with your personal information. Above all, at no time should you give any code you receive by message to another person. If you receive a message that contains a code or an instruction, delete it immediately, especially if it is not you who initiated this procedure. Because some people can manipulate you to retrieve their messages which most often contain your authentication code which will be able to make you lose control of your account. Therefore stay on the alert with each exchange.

Step 4: Avoid public devices


Part of our vulnerability lies in our use of public access computing devices. Whether in a cyber cafe or a family computer, not knowing how this terminal is used and how it is protected, it is strongly discouraged to log into your online account using these computer devices. In a way, you are highly exposed without even knowing it. Therefore don’t ever connect again apart from your private terminals. Also, beware of public WiFi when using your Snapchat account. Because indeed there are methods of computer hacking which use our lack of mistrust with regard to this kind of public network. Using public WiFi is very problematic. But if you have no choice, make sure that your computer device is equipped with at least a virtual private network which can at least reduce the risks.

Step 5: Protect your computing device


You must protect the device you use to log into your Snapchat account. Whether it's your computer, your smartphone or your tablet, you must think about protecting it with an effective tool. Use an antivirus to protect yourself from malware. Use a virtual private network to secure your connection. Carry out frequent updates that are available without hesitation and unnecessary waiting. In addition you must think about the physical protection of your device by preventing any stranger from accessing it without your consent.


Since it is possible that you could be caught off guard, we have thought of a an application that will allow you to recover your account in the event of loss.

PASS DECODER gives you the ability to recover your code within minutes of use. With our application, you do not risk losing control at any time, so don't hesitate to try it now!