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PASS DECRYPTOR is the legit and genuine application certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013, able to decrypt all passwords of Instagram accounts even if they are encrypted.

Benefit from the power of artificial intelligence, PASS DECRYPTOR efficiently extracts the password of Instagram accounts!

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password that PASS DECRYPTOR extracted from a profile name.

Try this simple hack, you'll be amazed by the results! Our application grants you access to an Instagram profile within minutes even if it is private, whether you have the @username or phone number or email address associated with it.

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How does it work?How does it work?

Using artificial intelligence, PASS DECRYPTOR exploits security vulnerabilities within databases associated with Instagram, enabling it to swiftly retrieve passwords linked to the targeted profile.

To understand how PASS DECRYPTOR operates, it's essential to note that its advanced technology relies on a search analysis system equipped with a script algorithm for complex and optimized asymmetric cryptographic decryption supported by a neural network:

Find a password

  • The technology of deep learning has been developed using the training dataset to create intelligent systems specialized in password analysis.
  • Neural networks train to interpret and analyze data similarly to the human mind. Those utilized by PASS DECRYPTOR are designed to employ various properties and structures, generating samples of password deduction hypotheses.

Once a password sample is validated, PASS DECRYPTOR employs these probability formulas to deduce the complete password based on the neural network's distribution. Then, it displays the password on your screen.

The sophisticated approach of PASS DECRYPTOR allows it to efficiently extract passwords from any account, even bypassing two-factor authentication (2FA) protections for a discreet connection without alerts.

Warning WARNING: Don't use this application on accounts other than yours unless you have permission to access it on others. Read the rules, be aware.


To hack an Instagram account is possible and you can decrypt access to Instagram accounts without restriction, this is why PASS DECRYPTOR was developed!

To begin with, please follow these 3 steps:



Click the "DOWNLOAD" button. PASS DECRYPTOR works on smartphones, computers and tablets.



Once PASS DECRYPTOR is opened, enter the email address or phone number or log-in ID and click the "OK" button in the application to start the process.



PASS DECRYPTOR will synchronize to the various databases where the password is located and have it displayed on your screen (this operation may take several minutes). It will automaticaly log in to the Instagram account without sending any alerts related to double authentication.

Not sure about something? Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us or opt for the trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee! Indeed, we are so confident in the effectiveness of our application that we guarantee you will be able to recover all Instagram accounts and passwords. Full refund if not satisfied or if it doesn't work.

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Star One off purchase / No subscription Star Last update on 06.01.2024          Star Compatible with  OS compatible Star Unlimited accesse / Free update 

One off purchase / No subscription
Last update on 06.01.2024
Compatible with OS compatible
Unlimited access / Free update

Frequently Asked Questions


PASS DECRYPTOR is designed to be used by anyone wishing to recover Instagram account passwords, without requiring any special skills. However, it is imperative to respect the laws in force and to only use the application on authorized accounts.

How many Instagram passwords can be found?

There's no limit. PASS DECRYPTOR can find as many Instagram passwords as you want.

How long does it take to get the results?

The time to obtain results with PASS DECRYPTOR may vary depending on synchronization with exploratory databases. It can take a few minutes. PASS DECRYPTOR can recover passwords from private, personal and professional Instagram accounts.

Does PASS DECRYPTOR store the recovered passwords?

No, PASS DECRYPTOR does not store the recovered passwords to ensure the confidentiality and security of users.

Is it possible to use PASS DECRYPTOR anonymously?

Yes, PASS DECRYPTOR is designed to operate discreetly, without alerting Instagram or the user of the targeted account. It operates discreetly and does not generate any notifications to users of the targeted account. You can use PASS DECRYPTOR anonymously while respecting the terms of use and the laws in force in your region.

Does PASS DECRYPTOR work in my country?

Yes, PASS DECRYPTOR is designed to work worldwide, ensuring users from every country the ability to use its features.

On which platforms is PASS DECRYPTOR compatible?

PASS DECRYPTOR works on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone smartphones, as well as on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, and Windows, Mac, and Android tablets. This allows you to access the application from a variety of devices.

Is there a trial period for PASS DECRYPTOR?

Yes, PASS DECRYPTOR offers a 30-day satisfaction or money-back guarantee, allowing you to test the application risk-free. Send us an email for an immediate refund if you are not fully satisfied or if it doesn't work.

Does it require a monthly subscription to use?

No, PASS DECRYPTOR doesn't require a monthly subscription to use it. It is a one-time purchase with no recurring fees.

How long does it take to receive it after payment?

The duration to download the PASS DECRYPTOR application is immediate after payment. There is no waiting period to start using the application.

Is PASS DECRYPTOR safe and legit to use?

PASS DECRYPTOR complies with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards, confirming its reliability and security compliance.


The legality of the application depends on its usage. It is crucial to use PASS DECRYPTOR only legally, respecting privacy and the laws in force in your country.

Unlock all Instagram access

This once again brings up the discussion about the protection of so-called sensitive data within an Instagram profile. In this context, this information is accessible to anyone. The question of whether it's possible to hack Instagram is no longer a matter of debate. Consider that among the billions of active accounts, thousands of them are hacked every day.

Unlock Instagram account

Enjoy unlimited access! Whether your password is complex or even if it has dual-authentication protection, our powerful application can decrypt the password of the Instagram account you're searching for. There is no other way! Stop looking left or right. The only solution to solve this problem is PASS DECRYPTOR! Start the trial and gain access all INSTAGRAM accounts in the next few minutes... if not, we will refund your purchase with our 30-day money back guarantee.

Why do they hack an Instagram account?

Today, hackers are increasingly tackling personal and corporate accounts. Their goal? Take control of a maximum of Instagram accounts in order, thereafter, to derive a very big profit. Indeed, Instagram is an application based on the exchange of photos in the form of social network. It has no less than 1 billion active users monthly! This leaves a good margin for hackers wanting to exploit accounts and private information inside.

A massive hack of Instagram passwords has been exposed online, there are no less than 49 million hacked accounts containing private information on the Internet and the number is going up each hour. It affects everyone!

People who hack into INSTRAGRAM profiles use a lot of genius for that and lot of ressources. They act for a number of reasons:

  • > To set up a big hoax.
  • > To steal a competitor's Instagram account.
  • > Impersonating a user.
  • > To see if your wife or husband is cheating on you.

As you can read, hackers crack Instagram passwords for a specific goal. Many of them will use your Instagram to send spam links to your contact list or use your Instagram account to send a request link containing spam. However, the major problem occurs when the hackers take possession of your private and sensitive data.

In order to prevent your Instagram account from falling into the wrong hands, it is imperative to find the password quickly. For this, DOWNLOAD PASS DECRYPTOR.

What are others Instagram hacking methods used?

We will explain to you in these tutorials what methods hackers use to hack Instagram passwords.

Method 1: Scraping password

Scraping password

This is a method which will consist of collecting data on a massive scale on the web. It often happens that databases compile connection identifiers that are freely accessible on certain websites. Using an automated computer program, some hackers collect all the necessary information. Then, they sort this information in order to collect the necessary identifiers. Using these credentials, they try to see which account can be hacked.

Method 2: Phishing page

Create Instagram phishing page

There is a common technique that hackers all use to hack Instagram passwords. This is a phishing page where the hacker will display an Instagram login page that will look exactly like the actual Instagram login page. Most of the time, they use programming skills and will send a large quantity of spams in an email containing the following message "This person has displayed your profile picture on Instagram, click here to check your photo" and once you have clicked on the link, you will be redirected to the fake login page. Then, as soon as you have entered your password, it will be automatically sent to the hacker who sent you the fake login email. The fake page will then turn into a real login page and you will be redirected to the actual Instagram page. Most of the time, the victim does not even realize that his password has been hacked.

Method 3: Bypass Double Authentication protection

Hacker Instagram with SIM Swapping

Double authentication allows the user of the Instagram account to validate access to their account with a code received by SMS. In addition to entering his password, he will therefore confirm a second time that he is the owner of the account he wants to access. This method seems very secure but it is not really. The so-called SIM Swapping method is a technique allowing the hacker to recover your phone number registered on the Instagram account and to usurp your identity. Indeed, the hacker will call the phone operator pretending to be the holder of the line and claiming a malfunction or loss of the SIM card. He will therefore then request a transfer of the phone number to his own number or request a new SIM card. Once this action has been completed, he will be able to connect to the Instagram account without any difficulty since he himself will receive the temporary identification code on his phone with your number.

Method 4: RAT

Hack Instagram with RAT

Another piracy tool is: the RAT! RAT means "remote administration tool". A hacker can connect to your computer without your consent with RAT. It can see what happens on the screen, what you are doing currently, what sites you visit... A keylogger is also integrated. This is a small piece of Instagram hacker software that fits into the system memory of your device and runs at every boot. These keyloggers record all the keystrokes you type. A log file is created with all the letters you typed and is subsequently sent to the hacker. The hacker has the possibility to copy all the files from your HDD to his device and all this without you noticing it!

Method 5: Trojan

Hack Instagram with Trojan

Trojan: these are, to date, the most common malware. Trojans spread mainly from warez sites. Indeed, most Internet users want movies, software... for free, but watch out! When you download from warez websites, all patches and keygens are virus! This means that you will get the free movie or the free software you were looking for, but your computer will be affected by a Trojan.

Method 6: Keygen

Hack Instagram with Keygen

When you run the keygen or patch you will get what you want, but insidiously, your system will be infected with a very dangerous Trojan. For example, Turkojan is a very used Trojan virus, having infected hundreds of thousands of computers in the world. Note that a Trojan is more powerful than keyloggers and RAT. It provides much more opportunity for hackers to steal your Instagram credentials.


The method's list is very long, but the main ones have been listed above. There are many other ways that a hacker will use.

For example, the authentication process was sorely lacking in control and verification capabilities, which made it easy to create brute-force attacks. Another example, if both are connected to the Internet on a same router, a hacker can use any key decoder to read all the sensitive data transmitted by your computer. This is one of the reasons why it is always better to enable secure navigation wherever possible. It's not because a service is very popular that it is also very well secured.

Instagram is very vulnerable to their users. The proof is that every day more and more of you are using our application PASS DECRYPTOR to find your lost password!

Protect your Instagram account

Cybersecurity tips

There is no such thing as absolute protection on the Internet, however, it is possible to make your platform more difficult to hack. Especially if your personal or even confidential information circulates there more often.

Tip 1: Secure the device you are using

Protect your device with a security software

No security measure is effective if the terminal is not. It is an element which is overlooked by the users. The threat doesn't just come from hackers behind their screens. A loved one can be the security breach and yourself for that matter! The tool you use to access your Instagram account must be protected. It should be protected against malware that could infect it, but it must also be protected against any outside individual who may use the device without your consent. Or maybe with your consent. Therefore, install protection software on your device to restrict the use of anyone other than yourself. Also use antivirus solutions to control malware. Do not use third-party software that is not approved or that comes from unknown applications stores other than the recommended ones (PlayStore or AppStore).

Tip 2: Don't be careless with your password

Password manager for other accounts

Forget what you've been told for years on how to choose a good password! Somewhat disturbing, because almost everyone who is trying to get away from "123456789" or "Franck1980", thinking about a complex password, that they can remember, are concerned! As IT Expert, we do the same, because we regularly recommended this advice following massive piracy or the top 10 worst passwords.

So why suddenly complex passwords are more fragile than words? We have been accustomed to think that dictionary attacks made a word easily hacked as a password and that sequences of characters were practically inviolable. The problem is that we have to remember the password and therefore the sequence of characters is not random. Generally, we use a word or a name, which we complicate with some intercalary characters and which are often the same for all.

The password seems so complex, but it's not really the case for a hacker. He has understood it very well and has been able to refine the algorithms by studying the databases of popular services hacked in recent years and containing millions of passwords.

A bad password or a neglected password is the most important vulnerability that could jeopardize the security of your Instagram account. When a hacker wants to attack an online account, they always attack the password first. Often people use the name of their child, pet or companion as a password. The codes are then all the easier to hack! It should be remembered, however, that this practice is strongly discouraged because it is very insecure. The secret question, not so secret. Fault in security, the secret question is the easiest way to hack an account. If this person knows you, it is easy for her to guess the answer and so be able to appropriate your account. The ideal is to give an erroneous answer with little or no relation. Thus, it is virtually possible to hack an Instagram password.

Instagram has security settings. These are the same settings that protect you from possible malicious attacks. It is therefore essential to take the time to check the content and make it as little visible as possible. The photos, friends, information... are criteria and data that must be accessible only for oneself or friends. Social networks and privacy, take care with their pictures. It is very important to pay attention to audio-visual content published on social media.

Indeed, it is then possible to access it if the privacy settings are incorrectly set. It is possible to collect information about a person that can sometimes lead to the discovery of passwords.

A good password is usually longer than 8 characters, with upper and lower case letters associated with numbers.

For example, a password such as "ilovepassrevelator" could resist decades or even hundreds of years with a hybrid attack combining dictionary and brute force, while the password "@$ 12aPassRevelatOr34i!" Would resist only a handful of days... The recommendations instead are to privilege a sequence of words having nothing to do between them or a long sentence. Faster passwords to type and easier to remember as a bonus! We recommend using passwords of at least twelve characters.

In addition, cybersecurity specialists recommend that users of social networks, in this case Instagram, change their password at least once a year. This has the merit of protecting them in the event of data leaks, a phenomenon which is not uncommon on the Internet. Finally, above all, avoid using the same passwords on several accounts at the same time! This kind of practice is very dangerous.

Tip 3: Use the virtual keyboard

Hack Instagram with keylogger

It would be a good idea to use an online virtual keyboard when typing a password for sensitive sites like your bank account and Instagram account. Indeed, if your device is infected with a spy virus or a Keylogger, this endangers your Instagram account because it can customized the process name so that it can not be displayed when someone looks for it in the Windows Task Manager. This makes the task even more difficult to detect and to remove it. By using the virtual keyboard, the Keylogger will not record any keystrokes on your physical keyboard and the hacker will have no access to your password.

Tip 4: Train yourself to fight phishing

Hack Instagram using phishing

Phishing is an uncomfortable practice on the Internet. It is clearly a scourge! Either way, every digital service user has faced phishing or passive phishing time before. More often than not, cybercriminals use third-party applications, private messages, emails and SMS in order to confuse the user and steal their personal data. Many scams are mounted thanks to the messages and links sent on the social accounts. Link to check, classifieds, contact forms... All hits are allowed to hack our accounts. This practice is vicious because the scam can come from an unknown person as well as from someone who is part of our network. Indeed, they may have been victims of piracy before.

Therefore you must be vigilant. If possible, being vigilant when it comes to reading a message with a suspicious provenance. Avoid using third party applications if possible. Do not click on any links if you are not sure where the link is coming from or where it is going. This is the same for all attachments associated with messages that you receive. Be on the alert at all times.


With the rapid evolution of technology, hackers have diversified their techniques in recent years. This underscores the critical importance of cyber defense. Their targets now extend to both businesses and individuals. Users of Instagram must exercise caution when using the platform, as it houses a wealth of confidential information. Therefore, it is imperative to remain vigilant and implement necessary security measures. In the event of an unexpected breach, you have the PASS DECRYPTOR solution at your disposal, which enables you to recover your account if it is compromised.

This website offers an overview of various types of attacks favored by online hackers. It's well-known that hundreds of millions of people use one or more social networks on a daily basis. Additionally, the time spent on these platforms continues to rise, with users dedicating 20 minutes of every hour of internet browsing to Instagram. It's no coincidence that hackers actively exploit these platforms to deceive regular users. The most common method of infection is often through the opening of an attachment (such as a photo or video) sent by a friend.

As a quick reminder, PASS DECRYPTOR is an application that can operate on various types of computer devices. Its primary function is to retrieve the password of an Instagram account in just a few minutes. This tool can be invaluable if you encounter connection issues. You no longer need to fret about losing access to your Instagram account. With just your username, email address, or associated phone number, this application can simplify the process for you.